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Good Ride

Good Ride






1x Vinyl 7" 45 RPM



Release date

Jan 1, 1999



Media: VGi
Sleeve: VG


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VERY Good condition, Check other records listed //


Good Ride


Version Champagne

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Musical innovations are often a streak of good luck. What would today’s sessions sound like without Dub versions? These instrumental versions were invented by King Tubby, it all started when the vinyl for “On the Beach” by the Paragons was unintentionally pressed without vocals. That one mistake paved the way to more than 50 years of musical experiments.At O.B.F – Dubquake Records we don’t forget our roots.Since you can’t get your scoops shaking, we decided to provide you with the tunes to rattle your socially distanced house parties. Get ready to hear dub versions of some of the best tunes on O.B.F’s second album “Signz”.It’s not one, not two but five 12” and one 7” that follow up to number #1 of the series, Akouphène.Whether you prefer roots or steppas, the Signz Series showcases all flavours in reggae music! “Rebel Daawtaz” is a Jamaican roots vibe, “Drip Dub” and “Fight The Power Dub” are full on steppas, “Bubble Riddim” is on the digital reggae tip. These releases will wake up your inner MC.Icing on the cake, brand new tracks! “No War” with Junior Roy and “Mr Government”, the legendary reggae artist Eek-A-Mouse features on two tracks recorded at the Dubquake studio.Selectors, get your sirens and delays ready!